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Now is the time to turn hope into reality for patients


The era of genetic medicine has arrived, and thousands of devastating inherited diseases can potentially be treated or even cured with new technologies. However, major challenges limit the transformative potential to cure genetic disease: intravenous delivery, off-target effects, immunogenicity, and manufacturing. Approaches that require the manipulation of cells outside the body, the use of viral vectors, or ablative pre-conditioning regimens for engraftment are complex and introduce significant risks and costs to patients.

Our breakthrough triplex gene editing technology enables in vivo gene repair


We are developing our triplex gene editing platform to achieve nuclease-free, in vivo gene repair with the potential to cure sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and other devastating genetic disorders. Our proprietary chemistry uses peptide nucleic acid (PNA) oligomers and DNA correction sequences to target DNA with high sequence-specificity to repair diseased genes with minimum off-target impact. Our technology has already corrected disease genes in multiple animal models, returning functional chloride transport to mice with cystic fibrosis, and reversing disease phenotype in mouse models of heritable anemias. 

Developing practical, effective therapies that transform human health

Polio vaccine. A once-daily pill to treat HIV. These practical therapies have truly transformed millions of lives. All patients with genetic disorders deserve simple treatment and a real chance of cure – that is our vision. We formulate our PNA and DNA oligomers in nanoparticles for simple intravenous delivery. Our diverse pipeline targets highly penetrant genetic diseases where Trucode’s transformative platform can have the greatest impact.

Eyes on the prize

We are all personally connected to genetic disorders – some of us are patients ourselves – and we’re all working for cure. The Trucode team has deep experience in oligomer chemistry, gene editing, and therapeutic drug development. What brings us together is our transformative science and our shared vision to improve patients' lives. 

Our values are the cornerstone of our culture: Patients. Urgency. Teamwork. When we reach our singular goal – to make a meaningful difference for patients suffering from genetic disorders – we’ll look back and see that our values led the way.


Patients are the reason for Trucode’s existence. We are using our human, scientific, and capital resources to develop transformational treatments and improve people’s lives. How we serve patients determines the value of our business and the meaning of our working lives. Ideas do not cure patients; effective and safe drug products do. That is our objective.


Patients are waiting. Time is of the essence in our work. We identify critical issues and solve them together. We work hard to ensure organizational clarity. We avoid magical thinking and distractions. We maintain the highest scientific rigor, and we reduce drag. We focus on questions that translate our science into new medicines for patients.


Developing new medicines depends on highly effective teamwork. Trucoders put the team’s objectives above their own. We work hard in the trenches and do it for the love of the mission. We leverage our diverse strengths to achieve something much greater than what we can do alone. We argue, we agree, we deliver.

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